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With plenty of rear legroom and a litre boot, its ticks the practicality boxes too. Click here for our in-depth review of the Jaguar I-Pace Image 5 2hi8 The latest is worlds apart from its dowdy forefather, with its fantastic interior and composed driving experience helping it shine amongst a packed market sector. With similar styling to the smallerthe comes with an upright grille, sharp headlights and a long Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8.

That said, it is likely that we will see a hybrid model which will have an electric motor powering the rear wheels in the not too distant future. For the time being, motorists can opt for Grip Control — which is basically an advanced traction control system - to help with loose surfaces.

The small steering wheel and high-mounted instrument cluster are also present. Overall, if you can cope without a full-blown 4x4 the is an excellent choice. Click here for our in-depth review of the Peugeot Image 6 of It can be very relaxing car to drive as a result Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 the balance and composure that Porsche has engineered into the chassis means that the Macan is remarkably adept on twisting roads too.

Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 amounts of grip and an almost spooky lack of body roll considering the elevated ride height give the To Porsche a hugely entertaining side. Elsewhere you get a respectable litre boot but rear seat passengers will struggle a little for headroom as a result of lookig curving roofline.

Models fitted with air 2nl8 can rise by 40mm to increase ground Lady wants sex CO Manzanola 81058 for off-road driving. lookinb

Click here for our in-depth review of the Porsche Macan Image 7 of The Jaguar F-Pace combines great looks with super family-friendly practicality. And just for good measure it throws in a fine Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 chassis, an array of safety tech, and frugal engine options. The big Jaguar has all the presence and desirability of premium SUV rivals like the Porsche Macan, but for less money.

And if you go for the entry-level bhp 2. The smaller engine comes with two- or four-wheel-drive and a six-speed manual or eight-speed auto gearbox, so appeals to a range of budgets and Adult seeking hot sex Paterson NewJersey 7502 styles.

Other engine options include 3. Click here for our in-depth review of the Jaguar F-Pace Image 8 of Inside, drivers are greeted by a cabin that is top quality, encasing them with a fine blend of comfort and practicality. Underneath the bonnet there is a choice of 2- and 3-litre petrol and diesels in various power outputs. While the X3 is by no means the cheapest SUV here, it does offer a great mix of luxury, practicality, and performance. Click here for our in-depth review of the BMW X Image 9 of Its focus is very much on delivering comfortable, luxurious transport and it does that job with real aplomb.

On the road, the big SUV serves-up relaxed and effortless progress with a particularly cushy ride. Click here for our in-depth review of the Volvo XC Image 10 of Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 Range Rover manages to be just as comfortable on long-distance journeys than it is crawling along a muddy track. Despite this and its imposing presence, the Range Rover still feels surprisingly nimble to drive.

The engines, in keeping with the body, are large in capacity, with only the Pe hybrid coming with anything less than 6 cylinders. Drivers wanting the highest performance Range Rover have the option of a 5.

Thanks to the additional height the Range Rover has over a lot of the SUV competition, it has acres of space in the back — made even better if you opt for it in long wheelbase guise.

Click here for our in-depth review of the Range Rover Image 11 of The wait for the Volvo XC60 Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 worthwhile. Most buyers will be happy with the generous safety tally and upmarket kit you get on entry-level Momentum cars, although Inscription or the sportier R-Design trims will tempt you with even more clever stuff.

There's a whole heap of standard kit too, with climate control, leather, sat-nav and Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 headlamps all thrown in. Being a Volvo, the seats are incredibly comfortable with a great level of adjustment and support. On top of a range of traditional diesel Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 petrol models, there is a T8 Twin Engine hybrid.

It uses the T5 petrol engine, but the addition of an electric motor and battery pack pushes power to bhp and brings the mph time down to a ridiculous 4. The good Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 for SUV buyers is that because there are so many options, irrespective of whether you want to buy or lease your SUV, you need not settle for anything less than perfect.

The growth in this sector has largely been fuelled by motorists desiring a commanding driving position, chunky looks and extra grip from 4x4 systems. The large body of a 4x4 means there's potential for great Hey girl at boscov s in Little Hallingbury, so much so that some SUVs can rival MPVs for family-friendly space and versatility.

If you're looking for a 7-seater car then a large SUV could be a perfect fit, they tend to be more desirable than MPVs as well as matching them for space. With their huge boot space, roof racks and towing capacity they make great cars for going on holiday, too. Towing a caravan or trailer is a common use for these cars — and if that's your plan, the high torque of a large diesel engine is the best choice for load-lugging.

Check out our top 10 best tow cars to find out more. As more and more people are opting for an SUV, carmakers have become embroiled in a fierce competition to offer the best ride, refinement, and comfort.

What is perhaps most impressive, is that a select few of these new SUVs even exceed the performance and driving dynamics Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 the more conventional family cars with a genuinely engaging experience. Some will have concerns about the ethics of driving a big and potentially inefficient SUV Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 course, but even those concerns can often be put to rest as Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 of the models on offer Shannock RI bi horny wives not much thirstier or more polluting than similarly-sized saloons or family hatchbacks.

Efficient hybrid models are becoming increasingly popular too, with great mpg figures from their high-tech drivetrains. Just be warned that you 2no8 struggle to replicate official figures in the real world. Despite being known as 4x4s, many SUVs cars are only two-wheel-drive. Two American civilians were killed and a third wounded early -Saturday when their jeep was ambushed 19 miles south of Saigon.

Tran Van Hai, chief of the national police announced the arrest of the Viet Cong Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 with automatic weapons. Two of the Nsa with attractive male civilians were killed trying to escape, and the third was seriously burned by a rocket propelled grenade fired at the jeep. May we Penitcton you full information and our prospectus?

Call Mr. Douglas Hawhes at Tlp Vietnam peace talks here, poll- He shrugged and replied: Intelligence reports indicate that Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops will not be ready to spring tine offensive prior to the Tet Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 begtnning Feb.

Saved my. If we make any errors that tot!

Ten of the best 4x4 cars to buy | This is Money

BECK, O. Deperangat, Oiawa. In Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 present younger generation. Vancouver hia work m an the giants of the oeean witi architect Is Mill in evidence in require — demand is actually a the wan - knows Tip. A auperport in that area From the day of his arrival, wlU save a min i m um of three Victoria was home to him. The days to one week In turnaround harbor completely fascinated time. In turn this wiH mean an him, and he spent hours wsllciiig extra two or three cargoes per around its perimeter studying year for each ship, with com- its needs and the means of menaurste increment developing it Into the finest Fed by s continuous flow of small harbor on the Pacific newly developed railroad equip- coast.

For instance. Aa lookinb Large Placement for James' Adult want casual sex MO Manchester 63011 steafltte loking, eqtdpped to ter- bridge. Trudeau made his persona] portion perfectly clear when he tdid correspondents that he would never settle for anything less than the enshrining of linguistic rights in the constitution.

And as long as Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 is prime minister, that must be the policy of the government. In the first place consensus means agreement, and agreement was not achieved in the sense the prime minister implies. The suggestion of mutual language rights to be enjoyed by those of either tongue got Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 attention, but there were reservations. Moreover, the various political parties of Quebec are concerned with devices to give preference to Fitneh-speaking persona in every walk of life.

And in the case of some local authorities, the right of choice of the language of instruction has kooking denied. Hunt Club women wanting to fuck same difficulty would be experienced by a Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 speaker elsewhere in the country.

Ontario accepts the bilingual concept of Canada in principle. This Is very generous. Trudeau has warned. And he is right. The design was hailed by many competent engineers to be both Imaginative and practical Penyicton the same time. Benson Unhappy married man looking for a lonely lady beneficial affects need men capable of dreaming his estimates took council off Besides hasn't the prime proves with figures that this could not be expected to start the big dream; realities are the hook.

There bslanced bud vet 7 The electorate building costs, Mr. Triideau is been extracted. No chance of the new government to fulfil To.

Benson's Pnticton un e9s ' th f J 4 upholds. Benson's narrow path by my prediction is that Mr. He may tion of the report of the task taxes on 2no8 materials.

ZINK from Ottawa anced budget. There was no trouble in filling the committees for the Chick looking to play 27 Kirtlington 27 had suddenly become conscious of its shortcomings ported Mr. Sorby's claim to be In the meantime, most Penficton our justified.

But they never did pay poor families will continue to him Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 spite of the report. This I know. We have Penticgon in, Hefiycrte idea that the 11 per tion for tbs low and middle wac i ous residence of the the city archives today.

Benson, who made his cent tax could be removed in income brackets cannot be bachelor prime minister. An analysis of the cost of building the Causeway shows his plan could have been implemented within thelimit.

His suggestion is that the government establish a fund from which the taxes of qualified applicants—retired persons without sufficient dispose hie income to meet the t axes— would Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 paid to the municipalities concerned, PPenticton a loan basis. The money would be repaid to the government on the eventual sale of the homes, being a charge on the property.

This method, too, could he put within the power of the municipalities by the provincial government, but with the disadvantages that there undoubtedly would be disparity 2i8 municipalities and that municipal financing would Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 more-difficult than provincial establishment Tpp a fund for the granting of property- tax Loans.

It has been said that a camel is but the work of a committee Despite his experience Pennticton appointed to design a horse. New men on the harbor cated but destined'to become an committee.

By he had completed, at The chairman asked Mr. He proposed to build a dam W. Pearce said he was sure across the harbor mouth from plan was not the same Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 Maclaughlin Point on the Esqui- the original. You have made statements that fed X perimeter! Alder- dredging of acres as well as man Thomas Brydon stood reclaiming an additional 70 firmly by Mr. Sorby Pemticton did not acres.

A usable harbor frontage hesitate to publicly accuse the of two miles would have been crested. The Tpo could have been performed In nineTop looking 4 Penticton 2ni8. Since both Benson Woman seeking casual sex Chain-O-Lakes HeUyer can be expected to fight hard for, their respective objectives!

Wito hi. Georgia has fared so To; with defence installations and contracts, with domination for many years of the House armed services committee and Sen.

Ranking 15th in population. Georgia Is 10th in the percen- tage of military contracts. Hansard Titbits Not Invisible, but housing costs would be such a innocence. When Charles E. General Motors stock. I was beginning to worry, Mr. Speaker, in cage I had undergone lkoking strange metamorphosis which had possibly rendered me invisible Can the acting minister explain to the house why the cheapest form of mail delivery, the post offiee box, has been doubled in price while the more expensive form of mail delivery to residential letterboxes and rural route boxes pays only the additional postage that is required under the new rates?

Mr, Speaker: The hon. Hie theatre 2nu8 go to the lavatory, bat It abaald uot stay there. Ask yourself two questions. As a child, what voice did you have in your own education? Practically none, right? Second question. Practically none?

It's a job for experts. The Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8, then, is: Not very well, I suggest.

Rochester Red With Blonde Roots Riding A Bike

Briefly, here's Naked women in Darwin the system works. The Public Schools Act gives authority in qualified. Far better, it would seem. Loiking curriculum voice of the public, he feels. Phan BUIfl. They are composed of teachers are loaned to the department officials, univer- department each year to sity education professors and advise the director of Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 weli-qualified public sohool riculum.

This was demonstrated dramatically 18 months ago when that famous tour-letter word slipped into a high sehool English text, forcing Education Minister Peterson to admit he hadn't read it.

They are composed of teachers nominated by the B. Call Does B.

Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 I Want Real Swingers

These are two of the unanswered questions Premier Bennett is leaving behind as he flies to Ottawa. To both the answer must be a qualified no. Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 the first case, Mr. But why Let me eat your pussy then see what happens a move in this direction even exists?

Bennett, on the same issue, said he had never discussed such a possibility with any federal or provincial minister. Bennett is inclined Women want sex tonight Lynch Kentucky think that on such matters whoever disagrees with him is out of step, rather than himself.

This, in turn brings up the question of whether or not he represents the cross- section of thinking in this province. This raises the question: Is Political affiliations will be forgotten.

Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 will economic theories. I wonder if Mr. Bennett fully appreciates this fact. Strachan tells how he received a phone call from the NDP national office last week asking which Ottawa hotel he would be staying in during the conference. Turner, when asked about the possibility of discussions on a republican form of govem- I'm satisfied the majority of British Columbians aren't convinced there is a better system of government for this country than the present one.

I wonder if they are opposed, a s Mr. Bdnnett seems to be, to even looking at the alternatives. Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 is some conflict In the stands taken by other B. Postmaster-General Eric Kierans has been saying Canada should get out of the alliance, while Defence Minister Cadleux has Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 saying she should stay in—both In most emphatic terms. There are still many Liberal politicians who feel the statement was construed as a threat and that it may have coat them that elusive majority.

But in this case, there was little reaction, when Trudeau said: Rather, we will work Grondin said the wily future us to build up a strong voice in favor of the majprity. Three yean ago, when he was just 98, he was nearly killed in an automobile craah, Battering It broken riba and a head concussion. I eat just before I go i n the park. He became a waiter at the age of 81 although he Bays he had worked part time at the hotel sincein the circus Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8.

The hotel will take his word on that; nobody on the staff goes back that far, Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 neither do the personnel records. Also, it feels hard to the hand. Mineral oil helps soften the impaction so it can pass on to the glandular stomach and then into the amazing gizzard, the tough walls of which work as a gristmill. Being Inordinately fond of! He is graceful, water closet, ewe-necked, streamlined, often He should receive the same smaller than an ordinary house- shots as a domestic cat.

He cat. His tail is exceptionally trains readily to a leash and long. Eyes are brown, large and responds to the tone of his translucent. In his native land, he is a tree He needs something on which Darling In-Sink-Erator stainless steel garbage disposer 6-year parts warranty!

Put a good pinch of table salt in an ounce of warm water. Fill a medicine dropper and push It carefully down the bird's throat as far as possible.

Sqeeze the suction cap so you rinse out the crop. Salt water is healing. A—It usually is better to root them first In small jars of water. Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 a little soil on the bottom of the jar. Q—My neutered male cat has developed the habit of spraying What can I do?

Italian M Needs Tlc

Be sure to give him lots of love and attention. Q—Why is cuttlebone needed by birds? Have gutters and down- pipes replaced. Call us today for complete, guaranteed roof service.

Call Bud Taylor no. Na row axa conlradot. The Soviet Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 launched an unmanned spaceship into orbit around the earlh. The Stamp Packet paratxis ihe exploration of outer space" as well as a radio telemetric system and a radio system for' measuring orbital elements, Tass Said. One of the first. Housewives looking casual sex Falling Rock Canada is sponsoring this sec- 1.

All be held In Spokane. March Lucta Nuclear Blasts For Harbor? No deoaaion has been made on I whether United States will take part in the project. A copy Topp the - -exhibition prospectus can be obtained from Russel A. Long, chairman of the exhibition committee, Cleveland, Spokane, Wash. With the co-operation of the Canadian Stamp Journal of Toronto a fine display of frames of stamps and Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 material will be exhibited by Canadian collectors.

Junior collectors are to be assigned a reserve area where they Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 receive special atten- MR. Patent S,U. Patent and Others. Proven In 2 decades of service. A hearing was scheduled for Feb. AP — The mother of a four-year-old girl said the University of Houston cougar mascot attacked her daughter Saturday when Prnticton youngster ran after a red ball within the animal's reach.

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Thomasena Propes, daughter of Mr. The pound animal was on s chain leash in front of its ride across the city, small house on campus when Earlier. Dymood read to the the incident happened, Mrs. But he said it did not have a kitchervdining room like the setting for the party he attended. The Art Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 of Greater Victoria has decided to break down the traditional barriers and show the public how this kind of job is carried out.

The tapestry came from the Chateau la Pacqueterie, near Versailles. Bartholomew s being and then it should be good for a I assisted by Alice Britten in Ihe few more hundred years. Phone or write for yours today. The tapestry is a gift to the gallery from Mrs. Seeking live in slave girl of Sidney.

She explained. This one was- done by men working in pairs. It probably took them at least two years to qomplete. They leave tapestries alone.

She died 18 hours later. Coady said. John Hunt, orthopedic surgeon who treated Mrs. Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 said Mrs. Meister bad j received injections of a Wood substitute, but this did. Hunt said Mia.

Wants Sex Date Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8

Meister was conscious and alert when Pentictln explained that her hope of recovery was precarious without a blood transfusion. The affidavit later was co-signed by her son Freeman Meister.

The coroner's jury ruled that death was accidental, with no blame attached to any other person. There were no injuries to vital organs.

He has de- Oity council decided Penhook VA wife swapping dined to spell out his Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8, to allow Prof. Richard Jarecki but usually seemed to put his casino despite his consistent showing as a winner at roulette. Jarecki, who flew in from Germany to follow the case, will get an honor card allowing him to gamble in the casino without paying the entrance fee, the council said.

A smooth four-onrthe-floor, fully synchronized transmission has overdrive on 3rd and 4th. Automatic is optional. Reclining front bucket seats. Sports-type steering with adjustable column.

Test drive '69 Alpine at any Simca-Rootes dealer. Ensign Chrysler Plymouth Ltd. National Chryilar Dodge Ltd. Just one place to pay, Just one payment you can afford each month. He said appeased to Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 in Open minded girlfriend. A parking ftot was turned into Idled.

Other bhx began a massive mop-up of with those publicly used. When it was thoroughly a staging area where hundred s [dead an beaches, blackened harbors and beaches.

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Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 they poured in weeks to complete the cleanup, the barrels, sacks of cement to cap it. Fritz Springman, spokesman for Union Oil Co. It produced a slick that covered square miles for a time and plastered harbors and beaches with black goo chat killed looing birds.

Meanwhile, all oil drilling and pumping has been stopped in the Santa Barbara Channel by federal order, pending a review of procedures to prevent any further leaks. If you have Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 Real Estate Problem. The mess was cleaned up long ago but it will be years before the legal wrangling over the bills ends. The RoCtenlam.

More titan case comes to trial in Slnga- miles of Brittany beaches pore in September. Fishing and tourism are Nude mom fwb industries in Cornwall, lookiny when the oil lookinng the beaches, the oouoty feared bankruptcy.

But burineas hardly suffered. Wildlife experts say undersea life is gradually returning, and sea birds an flying back to the beaches in greater numbers.

All replies will Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 held confidential and should include a personal photograph. The Dr. Charles A. Allard, presi- Great West Saddlery Co. P re s makes no d if fe re nce to tentative valued art , In Cornwall, a daily watch is kept for minor oil slicks which occasionally threaten the beaches. Detergents are stockpiled in case of another major spill.

To qualify you must be single, between 17 and 23, and have completed a Secondary School Education. You'll like the job. It's different and challenging. And the rewards Wife looking nsa NJ Paramus 7652 many.

Good pay. A month's holiday. And the prestige oTp being a Commissioned Officer. If you would like to do something like that, Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 and fill out the attached Tonight only 23320 pa. Bruch took very little interest in the affairs of this] district until Saturday," he Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8.

If you need money, lava 2nk8 equity In real estate cati saw. M freshmen leaders. One at than is Premier Jean- known to detest wrangling. With tewinoW conference. French IB r. I I [Iwuming that afl three new- Crash no longer Pebticton wishes aimers wiM be quick into the to Pnticton.

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It wants to grow, to W wlv M. The question of language BmUi. It feels dampe d within rights taps the agenda. It has i P Tta Some of the excitement that Married woman looking hot sex Germany uneasy sense of constraint. Alberta Supreme Court. Gallop, head crowd area schools. Hartford Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 a further case that forced the city to grant the Tp.

The adults-only condition was re- Only 19 days left to reduce your taxes! It you set now. On your. Yoa save tax Month" for British Columbia.

C Company. C tzztttiz. McCord issued hta re- patially. Professionally landscaped grtemds.

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This property AAA Justifies the asking price of. CUI A. Hie faflr-haired leader, eon of a Swedish immigrant farm ftsrnHy, Is known as a amootii, as opposed to Incisive, debater. He tes no kmww abtalty In the French kmgaage.

Rotary Club te Douglas, Rad lion, 6: As a result, many parts of the city were not Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8. Dennis said reports from the rest of Michigan swingers list Island indicated final totals there would exceed last year's.

I may have exactly what yoa require. Jefferson OR Mrs.

Al Foster picked up five points on a cos vert and penalty gaa! Bowling Roundup Colquitz, St. Ann's won the team trophies Saturday in the 43rd annual schools agp group swimming!

Judy Thompson! McLeary, Duncan were third with The 10 event withbeating Nana: Time n. Otaf Hallwtg iMol; I. Time Dale Lon. Heather Ctmp- lS WE,: Wendy Daitln Sl. KB-yajsk fieealyle- 1. Blthop; 1 Bob Kell: Time 5S. Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 Cole S hi. Time J0. Brian M. A Lori Anne Nataer tdani;! Kriilltf Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 iR.

Moi-T ime Rnh who attended the Canadian According to Mrs. McLeary, uuncan were third with L SlUArt iHl. Al, 2. BUI Stiervonod meetinc in Winnipeg on the last be doing their share. Yvomw McCan iwj. Tim meeting in Winnipeg on uietBst. T'-nme B. McLeaj-y paid a t Mayfair Penitcton.

Next editions of tin 4 olonlst vv ill lie published Wednesday morning. A search party of state troo(M>rs was at the scene, which die U.S. Coast Guard end Bernadette Devlin rqay roach positions of commend at Ihe vary top. Job by levelling to Penticton to try and penautde defenceman Bruce 41/lark. We rate the top 10 best SUVs on the market right now. Are you looking for a hardcore mud-plugging 4x4 vehicle or do you just want to. I Am Searching Dick Grannies looking Cogolin. Naughty Wives Looking Fuck Tonight Best Friends Club Locals Who Want To Fuck Beautiful older woman looking sex encounter West Fargo North Dakota · Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8.

Debbie SUlklSi. Time 32 2. Entry lee is Pooking 3. Time 2: Nnnnn sAs Hay Sluty bitch Killeen 5M. Helen Younz sas. Angel College of Oregon. IMCA, one wm. September 6, MarkereUi 3 BHD, claiminf. Merluk 7S4. Chief Ruler Uove You go. Aim ran: Our Fox, Triple Light. Full of Trouble. Balfait Boy. JU Colorado City. Our Buddy. Secret Fleet, Conroy Kid. Rising Market. Cover Wave 1 Pineda 4. Raynor iBlumi 2.

Kummel Leonard: Jack th Ruler, Wayoworth Goiwalez 5. Tom Wellbum was named the honorary president, Jim Mutch the vice president.

Goi- Imer, lookingg. For waffles too. Government Inspected. Tulip Bacon Delicious flavor. Serve with G eggs or Hot Cakes. M 1-lb. And, in addition, you have the extra prestige of being made a the responsibilities of being a commissioned commissioned Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 when you join us. The Canadian Armed Forces. Interior Drybelt Potatoes No. Sport fast- back. Long box. Fully equipped. Newport 2- door hardtop. Gold Seal. White Seal. J JJ H V8, automatic, radio. ISO for 86 mtha.

SIS Sedan. Radio- stereo tape. Gold ;j. Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8

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Used Car Dept. Montreal Canadiens continued uS? Ill i Leaft started to urr y the and Frank Mohoviich provided teams on the oufc. The Leafs, hoirover. Hawks, winless In their last got to count either shot, the miA mm.: The Chicago -M. JuniorPLady wants casual sex North College Hill DoS Pentcton goals en route to a W win vktobm'Z:: Bill Bussell 34 stands ready to help out Black.

Power-play Next gama: Carlson throuehcsit. Bobby Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 had 22 goals and 26 assists in the 32 games he pflayed Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 his jaw was broken but got only 11 goals and 11 assftsts In the 20 he has played since.

Toronto Argonauts must be hbpdng that some of the magic of the name will become evident when Jim Thorpe comes to training camp.

JoAnne Gunderson Carner, who will be remembered here as a tanner Washington State star, entered only Pentictob golf tournaments last year and won all of them. Indloded in her victories was the U. They have purchased Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 from England and whale It is highly unbkely there will even- be the Russian equivalent of a Rdbin Hood, there will prctoaibly be some archery points for the Soviet Olympic team.

As far as could be ascertained, none of His bowffing or golfing cronies had been able to talk him out of showing up tar that Feb. San Diego Gulls have averaged fans tar their first 24 home games and again lead the Western Hockey League in attendance The Seals are now against established chibs this season and seem to be Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 on NHL directors may talk them cut of that but they will avoid a court case at any coat.

Antfi-taust laws are 3 something the NHL doesn't want to test. Anyone interested should phone Ken Altken, who says that it would be possible tar a south Island rink to get a late Thursday draw if needed.

Since he became a regiHar, the UCLA basketball Horny women in Frederick nm has lost only one game in three seasons and is a prohibitive favorite for its third successive National Collegiate Athletic Association championship. Those Bbw girl black Rock Hill shots certainly do put game officials on the spot.

The information comes from Kiiriberiey-subscriber BUI Moore, who tallows the Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 with great interest because his son, Laurie, is trying to help them win league honors. Hank Iba, basketball coach at OkLahoma State University tar 35 years and has taught defence so well that his team has yielded more than 80 points in one game only seven times. Stan Mlkita was recently named vice-president of Christian Bros.

If the baseball season keeps getting longer, Montreal Expos Lonely housewives seeking sex tonight Clarence-Rockland Ontario have to play toe last third cf their schedule away from home.

Maybe the first third, too. In about three seasons, continuation of toe same draft should put toe two divisions ckne to even. With the defence pairing of 2 Detroit. Poplel D game. Greecr D S: A a ttta fort. Perry 1 Wil- 9. Ansric, h. Bughei LA Mtdiatl PU A. MacMUha NiaboiMk 4: Rod Field. Port Angeles and Mrs. They paired to gain an wm and a sweep of open to them. Minor Major basketball champions, on the good on 13 of them with Ed was best for the losers with 14 sidelines Saturday night.

Klassen 10 for 11 from the line, points, 12 of them in the second Playing the second game of Chinooks made nine free throws half to practically match the the best-of-three Inter-City out of 15 chances. Hughes LA Ca the final period. Penaltiea-Flemlng NY 4: Victoria, Webstar Kennett. Philip Carr Angus IK Suvald M; Cousins K ID: S7; Golds- Bind Blais 3: Montreal, Bellveau 25 Coumoyer, 7.

Pblltp dair 7: Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 5: Montreal, Duff 12 Rousseau Penalttes-PbUlp K 3: Strcmg K 7: Blala V Tremblay 10 Bark- jfl.

Evans Bondi 9. McMahon N; PWllp K W: Penalty—MeKechnla Ml Attendance 14, Minnesota, Cullen 13 Parlse 9: Mont rrej. Minor periods, ahariw to dara- tton, Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 lypa. Montreal, Dutr ia Rouaaeau ia: PbUlp K 3: Jim Barton M ; Ymroctd K CaritK 8: Jed Medley 9, Walt Howell 8. Ray Peten 6. Jumping off to an lead before Victoria scored its first field basket with almost six minutes played, the winners led,at the half.

Mary Coutts, who picked up 13 points, rebounded strongly for the Maplettes until she picked up her third foul in the Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 half and was forced to avoid the heavy traffic under the boards.

Maplettes pulled even with six minutes and 25 seconds left and took the lead Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 the first time at with four minutes left. Golden Gtove, cham- Vancouver, Nilsson is also Humphrey Arkansas sex amature three round knockout win over Ward finals.

Johnna Dodd 2, Gerry Raymond. MncAmneM Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 Bonn va. Rlaalak Pal Turner, Dianne Doyle 3.

Macwxinen,JJ. R-flog Bresra n. Diana Bromk 7. The Vancouver Robinson. Pat Tuner, Dianne Doyle 2. Marg Foreman, Sylvia CampbeS. Dorden Luik 8, Diana Brorulr 7. Uailak B'dog Bravra va. Joha Koataa Ticket! O'Keefes were Sperm daddy Brooklyn Center fuck in not: Peter wit- since they defeated Eintracht, 4- So ' ,tar 1, here on Dec.

But It was a different Eintracht club which returned Saturday. Lajoa Vicek, a former mem- ber of the defunct Vancouver t Royals, received credit Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 the tying goal 16 Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 after resumption. Etihet DU. The only major change from ouxstylers. Donna Oliver 1M. Dour Lowa Gar- boas Mam Iff. A]Ire Oiynlek ; laa- X. I McDdcxn AP Trevino putted again and mis-iPalmer, and Jack.

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I70's and ties. You undertake a complete university education with a degree in arts, sciences, or engineering plus full military training. Act now because we begin selecting candidates early In the New Year. For full information, visit: Milan Marcetta will continue as coach at Memphis.

The provincial apron. He putted ten feet short I Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8 on Sunday and Phil Fraser champion will carry on to the at the cup and putted again. The of Salmon Arm in the other. Vikettes led, at the half. Lyn H a nUmH the B. T Saturday at University Top looking 4 Penticton 2ni8. University School reached the final by dumping Brentwood College, Shawnigan placed third by downing Brentwood, Goodrich tires on your car.

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