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How to fix the Kodi blue screen

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If kodi isn't showing the right screen and you end up with a kodi blue screen like the one in the picture below.

Its simple to fix a kodi stuck on the blue screen just do this:

1. Navigate to system on the kodi menu. click middle button on remote.

fix blue screen kodi firestick

2. Click on appearance.

fix kodi bluescreen

3. Press right to hover over "skin confluence" and click middle button on remote.

fix the kodi blue screen

4. Wait (10 seconds) until a box pops up.

fix kodi broken

5. Press down until you hover over "hybrid development".

6. Click middle button on "hybrid development".

7. Click "Yes I want to save settings".

how to fix kodi

8. Press back button on remote 3 times, and it should operate as normal.

How does this happen? Well if you unplug your device without exiting kodi properly from the main screen you can screw up the skin settings. Before you go about unplugging your modded kodi device just remember to just click the exit button on the main menu.

If you can't figure out how to do this we do offer a repair kodi service for your amazon fire stick. We offer this service to anyone regardless if you bought it from us or not, if your applications are outdated we will can update your entire kodi device with the latest movie and tv streaming applications.

We can also repair or add the new movie and streaming applications to many of your IPTV box top setups for around the same price just contact us before sending us out any non amazon ip box we have to make sure that we can update it for you.

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