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Fix Kodi Exodus No Sources

fix exodus kodi fix exodus no sources fix kodi exodus no sources found

Having Exodus issues? Try this quick fix for Exodus no sources if you are having issues with your device not being able to connect or "cannot find a source".Navigate and open KodiClick on System, File manager and then add new source, None Type in this following URL exactly: http://repo.cazwall.com/sc and click on doneHover over enter a name for this media source and type in cazwall and click OkGo to the home screen on KodiOpen System then Addons and then Install from a zip fileSelect yourkodiClick on repository.exodus.x.x.x.zipWait for addon to be enabled (A notification will pop up).Click Install from repositoryClick...

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How to fix the Kodi blue screen

fix amazon kodi blue screen fix blue screen in kodi fix kodi kodi blue screen

If kodi isn't showing the right screen and you end up with a kodi blue screen like the one in the picture below. Its simple to fix a kodi stuck on the blue screen just do this: 1. Navigate to system on the kodi menu. click middle button on remote. 2. Click on appearance. 3. Press right to hover over "skin confluence" and click middle button on remote. 4. Wait (10 seconds) until a box pops up. 5. Press down until you hover over "hybrid development". 6. Click middle button on "hybrid development". 7. Click "Yes I want to save...

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How to Install Halow Live TV on Kodi

addons amazon entertainment fire tv firestick halow live tv kodi tv

Looking to install and use Halow Live TV to watch your favorite channels? You can use Kodi to do it easily. Kodi makes it possible to watch unlimited free movies and TV series on any interface like firestick, desktops and on media boxes like Fire TV.   You can add extra plug-ins on Kodi to access channels and videos. Halow TV is such an IPTV that has categories for TV channels from different countries. Go through this guide to learn how to install Halow TV on Kodi. This is one of the best add ons for Kodi that you would...

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How to Install iStream on Kodi

install istream kodi install istream on kodi istream

If you've an Apple device, you would know just how useful iStream could be. It would help you to watch all that you want easy.y Yet, if you thought that you need to buy in an Apple device to use iStream, you're wrong. You can use it easily with Kodi. Kodi is a great way to stream free movies and TV shows on platforms like computers and dedicated media boxes like Fire TV on sale at Amazon. This guide will teach you to install iStream for Kodi. The introduction of iStream installer makes the process easy and simple. Follow the...

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How to Install 9Movies on Kodi

9Movies install 9Movies for Kodi install 9Movies on Kodi

In this guide we will show you how to install 9Movies for Kodi. Using this add-on you can stream movies from the website 9Movies.to.You can get this add-on from Mucky Duck repository. You can skip the steps to install Mucky Duck if you already have it and continue afterwards. Following this guide you can activate the repository and the add-on for Kodi on any FireTV or desktop. You will then be able to use Kodi to its full potential and install software like 9Movies easily. Here are the three steps that are required to install 9Movies on Kodi. Looking to...

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